R.I.P Mark Nicholich, our dear friend and co-founder of the Soda Quackers.  We miss you and hope to continue to do you proud on race day, from wherever you may be.

Michael Bird

Jim Lomax

Dan Davis

​Dennis Peterson

​Erik Schuster

​Justin Nawn

A very special thanks to:

Ann Mintz

​Buck Schuster

​Anthony Townsend

Ruth Nicholich

Kathy Manetas

Eddie Ruhl

​Cliff Wagner

Edward Carpatelli

Shanti Kengeter

Frank Walker

Devin Bird

Scott Lauterio

Richard Finch

Buck Schuster, and his son Erik, for the use of their workshop and skills in assembly, and to Tony Townsend, for his creativity and skill in costume design and creation.

​Lauren Bird

Andrea Strout

Meg Lomax

​Bronwyn Bird

Claudine Schuster

Delia Asher

Emily Harasta

​Alexander Christopher

Tony's award winning 2016 costumes.


Erik & Buck working on this year's creation.



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