soda quackers

a collection of kinetic sculpture enthusiasts dedicated to creative team work & a spirited good time for all

Beatrice performed with grace and style and, apart from trimming a few tree branches in the park, she came through with flying colors and was awarded the Engineering prize.

Congratulations to the Soda Quackers team for another successful competition!

The Soda Quackers team is gearing up for this year's  Kinetic Sculpture Race, which takes place in Baltimore  on Saturday, May 6.  Sponsored by the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM), the theme this year is "Food Glorious Food", a subject near and dear to our hearts and gastronomy!

A mystical blender is in the making, which will come alive with eyes that spin, a lid that opens and closes, and swirling contents that will tempt the appetite!

The AVAM has been sponsoring the Baltimore race of amphibious human-powered works of art since 1999.  The route covers 14 miles throughout the city's urban centers, with obstacles including sand, mud, and a dip into the Baltimore harbor.  All this plus challenging hills the kinetics must climb!

Visit the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race to learn more about the race and this year's event, as well as highlights from the past.


Kinetic Sculpture Race 2017

BEATrice the UnBEATable Takes the Engineering Prize!

2016 Winner for Best Costumes

2017 Winner for Engineering

2015 Winner for Engineering